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More than Pina Coladas
At Tipsy Tuesday Daiquiri Shoppe is proud to offer an extensive menu of flavors that allows our customers to completely customize the daiquiri mixes. We are known for our unique flavors including the best Pina Coladas in Dallas, TX. We believe to have the best frozen drinks in Dallas and surrounding areas. Whether you want blue Hawaiian, mango, or more unique mixes like the Code Red, Tropical Twister and the Dirty Arnold Palmer, we surely have an excellent Pina Coladas in Dallas, TX! With our wide range of delicious bites and Pina Coladas in Dallas, TX, you are assured to have a delightful experience at our restaurant.

Daily Specials
At Tipsy Tuesday Daiquiri Shoppe, we offer more than Pina Coladas in Dallas, TX, we are also considered a full-service restaurant that serves flavorful boneless wings, juicy street tacos, and bone-in wings. With a variety of sides to accompany your meal, they are sure to compliment over a round of Pina Coladas in Dallas, TX. As a family-owned business, we are devoted to serving only the best customer service and quality to our customers. At Tipsy Tuesday, we have daily specials Tuesday - Thursday. On Tuesdays, we discount $2 off each daiquiri To-Go and $1 beef or chicken street tacos. YUM!

Fun-Filled Nights
Our fun-filled Mardi Gras themed restaurant is the place that you want to be on the weekends! With a DJ on Fridays and Saturdays, you are guaranteed to enjoy live music over Pina Coladas in Dallas, TX. No worries if you can dine in our restaurant we also accept UberEats orders or call in orders. At Tipsy Tuesday Daiquiri we are known for our in house preparation of daiquiri or Pina Coladas in Dallas, TX that can be carried out To-Go. Frozen Drinks range in size, our cup size ranges from 16 oz to 32 oz while our jug size daiquiris range from 16 oz - 64 oz - Gallon. Come experience some of the best Pina Coladas in Dallas, TX.

Online Orders Accepted
Summer is upon us and we are stoked to be able to offer our Daiquiri and Pina Coladas in Dallas, TX in the amount of jugs and gallons. Our Pina Coladas and lunch/dinner menu are perfect for a picnic in the park or laying out by the pool. Visit our website to see a full listing of all the daiquiri flavors we can mix. Tipsy Tuesday Daiquiri Shoppe is not only the best place to grab a great pina colada but also a delicious place to order to-go bites and dessert.