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As the Texas Heat continues to take over, Tipsy Tuesday is happy to provide one the most delicious and portable daiquiri mixes in all of Dallas, Tx! If you are looking for the most convenient drive-thru liquor store near me, we’ve found your next stop on google maps, Tipsy Tuesday Daiquiri Shopee. Click here to preview our extensive menu which can then be picked up at our drive-thru liquor store near me. Our famous frozen daiquiris come in all sizes and flavors that are sure to delight your cravings. Stop on in and we will satisfy your every need.

Convenience, like no other.
Preview our daiquiri menu here, place an order, and drive-thru liquor store near me. It’s as simple as that folks. We are open every day except Monday. We can take phone orders, Uber orders, and carry out orders! Consider Tipsy Tuesday to be your new drive-thru liquor store near me. Our Mardi Gras themed restaurant and Daiquiri Shoppe is sure to give you a great Tipsy Tuesday! We have some of the most delicious wings, street tacos, daiquiris and many other quick eats available at your easiest convenience. Browse our menu to preview our delicious selection of hearty food at our drive-thru liquor store near me.

Quick and Delicious
Aside from having over 40 delicious daiquiri mixes, Tipsy Tuesday also has one of the most convenient drive-thru liquor stores near me in all of Desoto and Dallas,TX. We want you and your friends to experience the ultimate Love-N-Tha-Jug. Additionally, our full menu is available in the drive-thru liquor store near me in Desoto, TX. Our employees are sure to serve you the quickest and delicious service every time guaranteed!

Amazingly Satisfying
Once you try our icy frozen daiquiri mixes, they will have you wanting more the whole summer! Our Daiquiri Shoppe will likely replace your old drive-thru liquor store near me. At Tipsy Tuesday it is our priority to provide the absolute best and most satisfying service to all of our customers. We have jugs of all shapes and sizes for our customers to customize. With over 35 flavors (found under the daiquiri mixes tab) you and your friends or family are sure to find a unique combination that can be picked up at our drive-thru liquor store near me.