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Best Daiquiris in Desoto
An ongoing Desoto icon, consider Tipsy Tuesday to be your new Liquor to go in DeSoto, TX. Stop in today to order some of the most delicious frozen daiquiris, street tacos, and flavorful juicy wings. Some customer favorites are 190 octane, Nuts-N-UR-Mouth, tequila sunrise, and many others. Visit our website and select the daiquiri mixes tab for more information on how to find premade daiquiri with liquor to go in DeSoto, TX.

Boozy To-Go
Head over to our New Orleans style daiquiri shop for an amazing dining experience, don’t skip out on the food because the flavors are to die for. Our customers can choose how strong they want the drinks to be but more importantly what Boozy mixture they will end up taking home. With over 40 flavors to choose from, you are sure to create the ultimate daiquiri mixture with liquor to go in DeSoto, TX. Not interested in cooking and making drinks for everyone during your next party gathering? Tipsy Tuesday wants to make it convenient for everyone to order daiquiri with liquor to go in DeSoto, TX.

Several Sizes
With over 7 sizes to choose from buying liquor to go in DeSoto, TX has never been so flavorful, icy cold and delicious! We are currently accepting Uber eats orders and call in to-go orders. We can prepare your unique daiquiris mixes for your delivery or to-go order. Our frozen liquor to go in DeSoto, TX ranges in sizes, our ‘cup’ size daiquiri ranges from 16 oz - 32 oz and our ‘jug’ size daiquiris range from 16 oz - 64 oz - Gallon oz. We hope that everyone can come to experience Love-N-Tha-Jug!

Ultimate To-Go Spot
After experiencing our liquor to go in DeSoto, TX you won't want to go anywhere else. Our menu is affordable and adaptable for all of our customers. We are happy to provide some of the most conveniently packaged frozen liquor to go in DeSoto, TX. Review our menu here, for more information regarding our delicious drinks and eats.