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Our Daiquiri Shoppe is the ultimate restaurant to order from for chicken wing catering in Desoto, TX. Tipsy Tuesday’s menu is designed to be customizable for each of our customers' hopes and desires. As a local business, We thrive on the support of our devoted guests. We hope to provide the best chicken wing catering in Desoto, TX. We encourage you and your loved ones to enjoy some Mardi Gras themed drinks and eats from the comfort of your home or event space.

Best Caterers in Town
No need to search for the best caterers in town, Our daiquiri shop specializes in chicken wing catering in Desoto, TX. Consider catering your next party with our menu, our frozen daiquiris refreshments pair well with our chicken wing selection. You and your friends & family will enjoy delicious Mardi Gra themed flavors, frozen drinks, and award-winning chicken wings. Tipsy Tuesday is eager to provide our customers with inexpensive drinks and chicken wing catering in Desoto, TX. Review our selection of chicken wings and other sweet & savory treats here (scroll through the various tabs). Place an order with us immediately.

Most Flavorful Wings
We have more than just chicken wing catering in Desoto, TX. We can also serve our world-famous daiquiri mixes to accompany the perfect midsummer feast. We want the whole community to know about our chicken wing catering in Desoto, TX, it’s that delicious! Give us a ring to place an order (972) 217-3159, prepayment required. Our wings have been previously awarded as the Best Wings of 2018 and we continue to live up to the legacy consistently. Whether it's our 12 piece bone-in wings or our 50 piece boneless wings we have all the wet rubs, dressings, and dips to customize to appease to everyone’s preferred taste.

Extremely Satisfied Customers
Our customers are very content with our chicken wing catering in Desoto, TX! We are here to serve the best of the best to our customers and we appreciate the support that they give us regularly. Our daiquiris paid with chicken wing catering in Desoto, TX make for the perfect host status. Cater from Tipsy Tuesday Daiquiri Shoppe, Home of the Famous Baby Maker! You can visit our website here.